Kleine Gesellschaft — Kooperatives Sitzen

Kleine Gesellschaft (small society) - sitting cooperatively

Depending on the definition, society is a number of people connected by common language, values, beliefs, traditions and experiences.

The Kleine Gesellschaft is a cooperative piece of furniture, where a society is created on a small scale simply by sitting together. Just like on a bigger scale, harmonious coexistence (as in this case by sitting together) works only if all members practice mutual mindfulness. Whether sitting down, moving around, standing up, leaning forward or backward, a constant flow of communication at different levels is required.

It is virtually impossible to create a society on one's own. Yet, as the number of participants increases, there is often a feeling of natural balance and equilibrium, which quickly evaporates when individuals abruptly leave the Kleine Gesellschaft or even deliberately sabotage it.

The Kleine Gesellschaft is the smallest academic chair for social studies. It doesn't only invite people to sit sociably, but socially by becoming aware of each other and perhaps even by getting to know each other.

Small, smaller, amazing: Kleine Gesellschaft. Hexagonal-Social.

Kleine Gesellschaft — Kooperatives Sitzen


Stadtfest: 08. - 09.10.2022 Karlsruhe

Mobilitätsstation Friedensplätzchen: 03.09.2022 Düsseldorf

Strassenland: 19.06.2022 Nord-Süd Fahrt, Köln

tete-a-tete Festival: 26. - 29.05.2022 Schlossgarten, Rastatt

polisCAMP: 18. - 21.05.2022 Rudolfplatz, Köln



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